How it works

ethnicSense is a simple platform, that gives you powerful features to manage all your buying, selling, renting and borrowing needs in one single place!

Step 1: Register yourself here and verify your email.

Registering on ethnicSense is a one-step process. When you submit your details, you are automatically registered both as a

  • BUYER (which means you can borrow or buy stuff from others) and 
  • SELLER (which means you can lend or sell your stuff)

Step 2: As a SELLER, you will need to

  • Setup a Shop
  • Setup your Bank Account Details (so you can get your money)
  • Add Products to your shop
  • Watch the orders come in and your eWallet grow!
  • Withdraw money anytime you want.

Step 3: As a BUYER, simply:

  • Browse the rich catalog of products from other sellers
  • Add items to your shopping cart
  • Checkout and Pay!

Its THAT simple!