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Make money from your overflowing ethnic wardrobe in 3 easy steps!

Step 1 : Register & Setup a Shop

Once registered, set up a Shop using your dashboard. Your shop is your personalized storefront from where you will do all your selling and renting out. Ensure that you also setup payment information for your shop so we can pay you. 

Step 2: List products to rent or sell

List all the products that you want to rent or sell (or both) and enter the details for each listing, like images, price, pick-up / shipping rates, Security deposit, etc. 

Step 3: Watch your eWallet grow! 

ethnicSense works with the concept of eWallet which is a single place to manage all your money! Your earnings from rentals/sales will be credited into your unique eWallet. You can withdraw the money you have earned anytime you want and it will be deposited in your bank account in 3-5 business days. 

ethnicSense is the ONLY peer-to-peer marketplace that connects owners and customers for all things ethnic! 

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  • eWallet to keep all your money in one place!
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Simple Fee Structure

Earn 90% on all Sales and 80% on all Rentals.  

[IMPORTANT] Please note that Payment Processors like Paypal and Banks charge fees of their own. We bank with Chase and inter-bank transfer and international bank transfers may carry their own fees.

Financials - The Details

Some of the terms to help you understand how your money is calculated and made available to you.

  • Sale Products : A product that you wish to sell, so that a customer can purchase it permanently from you is called a SALE product. The same product can be both a Sale and Rental product (applicable charges depend on whether the customer buys or borrows the product). When a Sale transaction completes, the  % stated above for Sale products is withheld by us as platform charges, and the remaining is credited into your eWallet. 

  • Security Deposit : For Rental products, you may associate a Security Deposit (recommended) with your product. The security deposit is managed by the platform and is refunded directly to the Customer unless there is a damage claim. No % of the security deposit is withheld as platform transaction fees. Sale products do not have a security deposit associated with them. 

  • Rental Products : A product that you wish to rent out, so a customer can borrow for a period of time & return, is called a RENTAL product. Rental products may or may not have security deposits associated with them (Seller's decision). The same product can be listed as both a sale and rental product (platform charges will depend on whether the customer purchases or borrows the product). When a rental transaction completes, we will retain the % charges mentioned above and credit the remaining amount into your eWallet.

  • eWallet :  eWallet makes it easy for you to manage all your earnings in a single place. Its a digital wallet that collects all the monies due to you. When you wish to withdraw your money, simply raise a withdrawal request and the amount will be deposited into your Bank Account (which you must setup for your profile in the 'Account Information' page) within 3-5 days. eWallets reflect only the amount due to you after the platform charges have been withheld.                                     

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the common questions we encounter from our Sellers.

Why am I registered as a Seller AND a Buyer?

When you register with ethnicSense, your profile allows you to operate as both a Seller (for which you will need to setup a shop) and a Buyer.   This is to simplify your experience with the platform. ethnicSense is a vibrant and active community where you are likely to want to shop & sell at the same time. Being registered as both a Seller & a Buyer allows you to do this all from a single login experience!

Can I operate as EITHER a Seller or a Buyer?

Of course! There is no obligation for you to function as both. Once registered, you may choose to only buy or borrow things and not sell or lend your products. The feature to function as both is merely a convenience, not a requirement.

What is a shop, and how do I create it? 

When you login to the portal (after registration and verification of email), access your dashboard (against your profile). In the SELLER tab, navigate to the 'Shop' option on the left menu bar. You may create a shop by entering details on this page, and clicking on the Save Changes button. 
Once a shop has been created, navigate to the 'Account Information' option on the left menu bar to enter critical information like Bank information and profile details. You are now set to start listing your products and make money!

What is an eWallet? And why am I not paid when each transaction is complete?

ethnicSense simplifies the management of your income with the concept of a digital wallet. Your digital wallet, also called the eWallet, is a digital account where all the monies due to you are credited at the end of each transaction. This includes all your earnings (total sale/rental value minus platform charges), and any security deposit claims. This cumulative amount is accessible to you, to directly withdraw from, at any point in time. When you request a withdrawal, your money is deposited in your bank account within 3-5 days.

How do I protect my products from damage during Rental?

We strongly recommend that you associate all Rental products with a security deposit that covers your risk. This amount is collected from the customer at the time of the initiation of the rental transaction and credited into their account after the return of the goods. You must list in detail (with pictures where possible) any pre-existing damages. If the customer receives goods that are damaged and not mentioned in the listing, they have 24 hours to return the product at no cost.
If a product is damaged during rental, you may raise a dispute and provide a compensatory value for the damage. ethnicSense will be the arbitrator in all cases, and our decision, taken after careful assessment of claims from both parties, will be final.

What if I want to prevent some products from being rented during certain periods?

Controlling when your products are available for rent is very simple. During the product setup, simply navigate to the 'Rental Unavailability' tab and set the dates you want the products to not be available for rent. Another way to take products from being listed effective immediately, and indefinitely, is to click on the pause option against each product on the 'My Products' page.

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